Thursday , May 23 2019

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Gibbens lands new position at Cummins

Global power leader, Cummins has been Warrick Gibbens as the power generation leader for Southern Africa Regional Organization. He was previously the technical sales manager for Cummins Africa & Middle East in the Power Systems Business Unit. He has been with the company for six years and is an electrical …

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Temporal ablutions for Qalani learners-Kangra Coal

Learners at Qalani Primary School in Saul Mkhizeville of South Africa have joyously welcomed the temporal ablution facilities provided by Kangra Coal. The subsidiary of Menar has provided safe temporary ablution facilities at Qalani Primary School to ensure its students are able to learn in a safer and healthier schooling …

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Gold smuggling a drawback to Africa

A news agency recently carried out an investigation on the billions of money being lost from Africa resulting from gold smuggling. According to the report by news agency Reuters, billions of dollars’ worth of gold is being smuggled out of Africa every year through the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in …

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