Wednesday , October 26 2016

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Next Graphite locks in off-taker


Next Graphite announced this week that its joint-venture partner locked in a disclosed producer for the supply of an initial 5,000 tonnes of graphite, subject to receiving a full mining license, an application for which will be submitted in early 2017. The supply agreement expands upon the Letter of Intent …

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Husab Mine and Chinese Exploitation


For good reason the perception of Chinese exploitation of Africa is fast gaining momentum. With 80% of Husab Mine’s general workers unable to afford decent housing, and living in shacks, while they ( Chinese) live in Swakopmund’s most luxurious suburbs, it is inevitable to question the sincerity of Chinese investments …

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Phosphate mining approved


The environment ministry approved an application by an Arab-majority owned company to extract marine phosphate from the sea, despite concerns about a lack of consultations and the danger to the ocean ecosystem. Phosphate, which will be used to make fertilisers, is expected to be extracted around 120 kilometres into the …

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