Sunday , April 5 2020

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Xaris’ Steyn lays out formalities

Work on the contentious Xaris Power Project appear to be going well. This was the indication given by its Managing Director, Hennie Steyn recently when he explained, in detail, the formalities surrounding the project. “There will be the opportunity for other natural gas consumers such as independent power producers, factories, …

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Ondundu B2Gold’s next project

Vancouver based B2Gold will in the foreseeable future set its focus on the development of the Ondundu project which could be B2Gold Namibia’s next project according to its president and CEO, Mr. Clive Johnson who was recently in the country to share the developments the mining company had made. High …

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No Phosphate mining for Namibia

With the recent turmoil from media reports and all vested parties giving multiple angles on the prospect of Phosphate mining, a statement from the Chairman of the Confederation of Namibian fishing Association re-affirmed that phosphate mining is not implementable not only due to environmental risks, but also due to the …

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