Tuesday , April 7 2020

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De Beers to Cut 2016 production amid Anglo American overhaul

De Beers expects diamond production to fall to between 26 and 28 million carats in 2016 from 29 million carats this year as the mining giant outlined its view of the ‘stock crisis’ affecting the industry. The decline in rough and polished diamond prices has stemmed from a build-up of …

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Up down copper prices not the same as stop start factories

Copper, the commodity, is fondly known by economists, market analysts, traders and investors alike as doctor copper. It is the one commodity that is ubiquitous in its use, and pervasive in its manifold industrial applications from heavy industry to sophisticated electronics. Copper reflects the well-being of any industrialised economy. In …

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Tschudi Project on schedule

Construction at Weatherly’s Tschudi Project remain on schedule and on budget according to Elamrie Kurz of Weatherly Mining Namibia. Construction of the project commenced towards the end of 2013 and remained in full swing ahead of its anticipated third quarter 2015 target. According to Kurz, bulk earthworks for the process …

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