Tuesday , July 14 2020

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B2Gold’s year-to-date corporate social investments exceed N$100 million The Namibian operation of the Canadian gold major, B2Gold Corporation, this week made another very substantial contribution to the COVID-19 Disaster Relief Fund. Last week, the Managing Director of B2Gold Namibia, Mark Dawe presented the contribution of just over N$34 million to …

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New MK-42 dump truck from GHH

The Red Dot Jury has made its decision: MK-42 emerged victorious from the Red Dot Product Design Award 2020, and won a Red Dot for its good design quality. This means that GHH is one of the winners in the world’s most renowned design competition. The MK-42 is a 42 …

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Second economic stimulus on the horizon for Namibia

Namibian Minister of Finance, Iipumbu Shiimi, recently said the government will soon announce a second package aimed at stimulating medium to long-term economic recovery. said recently. The president will announce this lifeline in the coming months, Shiimi said. All eyes are on treasury, however, to see which stimulus tools they …

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