Thursday , May 23 2019

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Tschudi experience massive groundwater inflow rates

Weatherly’s latest update on Tschudi operations indicate that the mine’s open pit has experienced a rapid and material increase in groundwater inflow rates. According to the company pumps and pipes inside the open pit have been relocated, on-site standby pumping equipment and pipelines have been installed, and additional pumps have …

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Rio Tinto granted accreditation

Rio Tinto has been granted accreditation by Australia’s Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator approving the autonomous operation of trains at the group’s iron ore business in Western Australia. The AutoHaul® project continues to progress and is on schedule to be completed by the end of 2018. Rio Tinto …

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Consumer diamond jewelry demand hits new high

International diamond miner De Beers has reported that Global consumer demand for diamond jewellery hit a new all-time high in 2017, climbing to US$82 billion, a two percent increase on the previous year. According to industry insight data published from De Beers Group the US was the main driver of …

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