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Exciting Discovery at Lofdal Heavy Rare Earth Project in Namibia

In a thrilling development, Namibia Critical Metals Inc. (NCMI) has announced a groundbreaking discovery during its infill resource drilling campaign at the “Lofdal 2B-4” heavy rare earth project in Namibia. This exciting revelation promises significant implications for the future of rare earth mining in the region.

The infill drilling campaign, consisting of 49 reverse circulation (RC) boreholes spanning a total of 8,226 meters, covered the Area 4 main deposit and the Area 2B satellite deposit. The assay results from Actlabs in Canada brought to light several remarkable highlights:

Confirmation of the width and grade of mineralised zones through infill drilling, bolstering the project’s overall potential. The revelation that combined mineralised intervals could extend beyond an astonishing 100 meters in some boreholes. This cumulative measurement, based on a combined cut-off of 0.1% TREO1 over broader intercepts, signifies a significant breakthrough that can optimise large-scale open-pit operations.

A remarkable discovery of a previously unknown mineralised zone in the western periphery of the pit shell. This exciting find indicates the potential for additional mineralisation towards the west and at greater depths.

NCMI’s President, Darrin Campbell, stated, “The highly cost-efficient RC infill drill program delivered the expected positive results, and the newly established thick zone of heavy rare earth mineralisation in the western part of Area 4 highlights again the enormous potential for upside for the district-level Lofdal deposit.”

The progress doesn’t stop here. NCMI is diligently working on multiple test programs at SGS Lakefield, including pilot-scale flotation tests on a 5-ton bulk sample and an extended variability testing program, followed by hydrometallurgical tests. These crucial steps will further solidify the project’s viability and pave the way for an exceptional Pre-Feasibility Study (PFS) expected to be unveiled by mid-next year.

The Lofdal project has been an ambitious undertaking, with resource drilling commencing in January 2023 and concluding in June 2023. The drilling campaign exceeded initial expectations, covering a total of 8,226 meters, surpassing the originally planned 5,240 meters. This expansion was facilitated by the remarkable performance of Prinsloo Drilling in deeper RC holes.

The project’s success has been further bolstered by sampling that extended to the hanging wall of the “main mineralised zone.” Assays revealed extensive zones of low to moderate grade HREO mineralisation, offering the potential to enhance the future Lofdal mine’s life or throughput through advanced sorting technologies.

The discoveries at Lofdal are redefining the rare earth mining landscape in Namibia, offering immense promise and potential for the future. The company’s commitment to rigorous testing and development demonstrates its dedication to unlocking the full value of this remarkable resource.

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