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Phosphate mining approved

The environment ministry approved an application by an Arab-majority owned company to extract marine phosphate from the sea, despite concerns about a lack of consultations and the danger to the ocean ecosystem. Phosphate, which will be used to make fertilisers, is expected to be extracted around 120 kilometres into the …

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Phosphate mining goes ahead

Namibia Marine Phosphate (NMP) announced this week that they have attained a mining license from the Ministry of Mines and Energy and will commence with their mining project “Sandpiper.” The project is estimated to yield 1.8 billion tonnes of phosphoric sand and carries an estimated N$5.2 billion in investment capital, …

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No Phosphate mining for Namibia

With the recent turmoil from media reports and all vested parties giving multiple angles on the prospect of Phosphate mining, a statement from the Chairman of the Confederation of Namibian fishing Association re-affirmed that phosphate mining is not implementable not only due to environmental risks, but also due to the …

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