Sunday , July 3 2022

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Stampriet aquifer challenge rages on

The sole year-round source of high-quality drinking water accessible to farmers is being defended by the Stampriet Aquifer Uranium Mining (SAUM) steering committee. The committee has started taking procedures to establish an independent committee to manage the SAUM business as a legal body while the nation waits for the environmental …

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Efficiency maximised; costs minimised: Transforming manufacturing in Africa

The African manufacturing sector has seen fractured growth over the past two years thanks to the complexities of the pandemic and its subsequent economic disruption. This is due to limited resources, impacted supply chains and the limitations of lockdowns, globally. In South Africa, manufacturing production saw a sharp decline month …

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Phosphate mining gets approval

The dredging of marine phosphate material inside mining license area ML170 has been approved by the Namibian Chamber of Environment (NCE). This follows a review of Namibia Marine Phosphates’ (NMP) newest scoping report and public consultation on the initial environmental impact assessment (EIA). NCE CEO Chris Brown stated yesterday that …

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