Friday , July 12 2024

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Namibia: The Unsung Hero of the Global Energy Transition

Forget the flashy divas. In the unfolding drama of the global energy shift, Namibia is quietly emerging as the understudy stealing the show. This unassuming African nation isn’t jostling for center stage, but behind the scenes, it’s meticulously crafting a critical role in the low-carbon curtain call. Sure, Namibia boasts …

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Africa Loses Shine in Global Mining Investment Race

Africa’s once-promising allure for mining exploration has dimmed considerably, according to the latest Fraser Institute Survey of Mining Companies. The continent now houses the most jurisdictions ranked at the bottom of the global attractiveness index, raising concerns about policy uncertainty and environmental regulations. While rich in mineral wealth, numerous African …

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Wacker Neuson Bids Farewell to Transformational Leader: Dennis Vietze Hands Over the Reins

After a remarkable seven-year tenure, Dennis Vietze, the Managing Director of Wacker Neuson South and Sub-Saharan Africa, is embarking on a new chapter. Effective October 1st, 2024, Vietze will take the helm of Wacker Neuson Australia & New Zealand. Vietze’s African odyssey began in June 2017, and since then, his …

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