Sunday , December 5 2021

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Minister mull development of local inputs database to provide platform for local supply to meet needs of mining companies

Mining companies are still procuring goods and services from foreign companies, according to Minister of Mines and Energy Tom Alweendo, despite the fact that local companies could potentially provide these goods and services. He was speaking at the virtual mining expo’s opening yesterday. According to Section 50(d) of the Minerals …

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Nambeb increases safety and efficiency at its diamond operation

Namibia’s Oranjemund, where Namdeb’s mine is adjacent to the Orange River’s estuary, is a key location for diamond extraction. By the time it reaches the ocean, the river has travelled through most of southern Africa and is rich in minerals. The current slows and the rocky fragments settle out at …

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NEF hikes fuel prices

By GLENN-NORA TJIPURA Consumers should anticipate an increase in fuel prices beginning of September, the Ministry of Mines and Energy has announced. The expected price hike will see petrol increase by 60 cents per litre and diesel by 30 cents per litre. The development comes as authorities have announced that …

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