Thursday , December 1 2022

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Drilling results confirm AfriTin’s belief that the Uis mine is home to one of the world’s largest lithium resources

Initial assay results from a lithium and tantalum drilling program at AfriTin Mining’s Uis mine in Namibia have exceeded the company’s expectations, according to CEO Anthony Viljoen. He goes on to say that the drilling results confirm the company’s belief that the Uis mine is home to one of the …

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Ministry defends fuel price hikes

The Ministry of Mines and Energy has stated that the price of petrol would increase by N$2.50 per litre, while the price of diesel will increase by N$1.50 per litre, effective June 1. This means that across the country, the new fuel price will be N$20.40 per litre and N$21.43 …

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Namibia’s first GW-scale green hydrogen project to serve as catalyst for rapid green hydrogen production scale-up in the SCDI

Last week, when world leaders convened in Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum (WEF), the Namibian government reported on progress with Hyphen Hydrogen Energy, Namibia’s first large-scale vertically integrated green hydrogen project (Hyphen). The Namibian Government conceived the Tsau /Khaeb National Park Southern Corridor Development Initiative (SCDI) Hydrogen Project …

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