Thursday , December 1 2022

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Empower your maintenance workforce with WearCheck training courses

The condition monitoring sector is one which is constantly evolving and developing to incorporate innovation and boost efficiency. It is for this reason that ongoing training is essential to keep the maintenance crew at the forefront of technological advancements within the industry. WearCheck’s technical manager, Steven Lumley, who oversees the …

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Haib prospecting licence debacle rages on

Although the Ministry of Mines and Energy of Namibia refused to grant copper explorer and developer Deep-South Resources a licence for its Haib copper project, the miner claims that additional documents filed as part of the review record provided no evidence to support the Ministry’s decision. This comes after the …

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Russia-Ukraine War, its implication on Africa Mining

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia triggered a global chain reaction of humanitarian, diplomatic, and economic crises. These aggravated the existing crises, which Covid-19 had exacerbated. The value of nickel skyrocketed as a result of these chain reactions. The price of the precious metal, which is used in the manufacture …

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