Friday , July 12 2024

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Namwater desalination plant a “National Project”

Areva’s announcement of its intent to sell its Erongo Desalination Plant has become a bone of contention for the mining communities in the Erongo Region as well as for Namwater, which by law, is the bulk supplier of water. Additionally, details of how a third desalination plant will fit into …

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Namibia seeks to reap more value from its mineral wealth

Namibia is considering taking minority stakes in mining and petroleum producers to reap more value from its mineral wealth, the African country’s mining minister told lawmakers, weighing on shares of mostly Australia-listed miners on Tuesday. Namibia is one of the biggest uranium producers in the world. It is also a …

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Namibia require expanding investments in the non-mining sector

The past two years have put into sharp focus the need to build economies that are resilient to shocks such as those brought about by global pandemics. Part of building resilient economies is ensuring that they are well diversified not only in terms of sources of growth but also in …

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