Wednesday , April 14 2021

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Namibians could pay the price for cleaner energy in China

The details of China’s new 5-year plan, released earlier this month, suggest China has put off the difficult steps necessary to become carbon neutral by 2060. President Xi Jinping had announced that goal last fall, reflecting the Chinese Communist Party’s pursuit of “Ecological Civilization,” a vision of environmental sustainability both …

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Marenica discovers a massive new uranium system in Namibia

Marenica’s uranium exploration efforts in Namibia are still paying off, with the company discovering a massive palaeochannel system that stretches for at least 19 kilometres. The Namib IV system is located northeast and southwest of the Hirabeb and Koppies systems, but it is separate from them. Marenica Energy’s (ASX: MEY) …

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Boosting local ownership, locals to hold 15% of licenses sold to foreigners

The Namibian Minister of Mines and Energy is empowered to approve an application submitted by a licensee for the transfer of mineral licenses, or the cession or assignment of interest in a mineral license, on the terms and conditions agreed by the Minister under section 47(2)(a) of the Minerals (Prospecting and Mining) Act, 1992 (Act no. 33 of 1992). In terms of the powers vested in the Minister under section 47(2)(a) of the Minerals (Prospecting and Mining) Act 1992 (Act No. 33 of 1992), the Minister has determined that as of 1 April 2021, applications submitted by Namibian license holders for the transfer of mineral licenses, or the …

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