Sunday , December 5 2021

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Pix4D launches in the USA and Canada, the viDoc RTK rover, an iPhone case that enables handheld professional 3D scanning.

Pix4D, the market leader in photogrammetry solutions, has just made the viDoc RTK rover available for purchase in the USA and Canada. Already available in Europe, the German-designed rover attaches to the latest iOS devices to bring RTK accuracy to terrestrial scanning on iPhones and iPads. The viDoc rover and …

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Precision delivery key to Unitrans Africa’s mining-sector success

The proven mining-sector material handling capability of Unitrans Africa (UA) is laying the groundwork for a bright future marked by unique innovation in key areas of the company’s operations. Unitrans Africa’s bold, long-term vision includes electric vehicles as well as real-time stockpile management and reporting. But none of these concepts …

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BW revise Aquadrill semisub concept

BW Energy has agreed to pay $14 million to Aquadrill for the semisub drilling rig Leo, which was built in 2021. The rig will be repurposed as a floating production unit for the Kudu gas-to-power project off the coast of Namibia, according to the company. In comparison to previous development …

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