Wednesday , April 24 2024

Deep-South vigorously contesting Ministry’s decision by all means necessary and available

The Ministry of Mines and Energy Namibia has been ordered by the Namibian High Court to file documents supporting the Minister’s decision to refuse to renew the Haib Copper license to TSX-V-listed Deep-South Resources.

After failing to file complete documents related to the Minister’s decision by October 21, as required by the court, the Ministry is required to file these documents by November 11.

On November 11, the court will hold a hearing to define the next steps in the Minister’s decision review process.

Deep-South was notified in June of the Ministry’s refusal to review the Haib Copper licence, including an exclusive prospecting licence over the area covered by the project, hampering the company from advancing the project.

The company maintains that the Ministry was kept well apprised, with no objection on its part, of a proposed change from a prefeasibility study to an upgraded preliminary economic assessment (PEA) and the start of a full feasibility study.

The latter was already started at the time of the refusal.

Moreover, the Ministry issued all permits required for the drilling programme and was well aware that Deep-South had completed the programme.

As a result of the Minister’s refusal to renew the licence, Deep-South terminated all work on-site and proceeded with the retrenchment of its employees on site.

The company is vigorously contesting the decision by all means necessary and available. In its application for renewal and subsequent representations made to the Ministry, the company maintains that it demonstrated having met all criteria under the Minerals Prospecting and Mining Act of the country to justify the renewal of its licence.

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