Thursday , May 23 2024

Meter redefines vibration screening

Fluke, represented locally by The Comtest Group has on offer the Fluke 805 vibration meter, a portable multifunction vibration screening tool that provides quantifiable information on a bearing and the overall health of motors and other rotating equipment.

The Fluke 805 is ideal for frontline mechanical troubleshooting teams that need reliable and repeatable measurements of rotating equipment to make imperative go/no-go maintenance decisions.

Most vibration pens and other screening devices, currently on the market, provide an overall number for vibration condition and some also provide an overall number for bearing condition.

Due to inadequate design and measurement technology, users consider most vibration products to be unreliable and difficult to understand.

Some experts even refer to them as toys!

Fluke conducted customer research and the findings highlighted shortcomings in other vibration screening pens and devices.

The Fluke’s design engineers then responded by producing the 805 vibration meter – certainly not a toy – but a vastly superior meter on every front.

It provides quantifiable results of bearing condition, overall vibration and temperature, assesses condition severity using text-based alerts, and exports and trends data using built-°©-in templates.

In addition, it is a vastly superior, more accurate, and more user-friendly tool that improves day-°©-to-°©-day machine checks, so users can keep their facilities and plants up and running.

The Fluke 805 measures overall vibration from 10 to 1,000Hz, providing a four-level severity assessment for overall vibration and bearing condition.

It also identifies bearing condition (Crest factor Plus, CF+) by detecting peaks in the vibration signal readings of roller bearings from 4,000Hz to 20,000Hz, and using a proprietary algorithm to interpret severity to determine if the bearing is going bad.

Another aspect is to measure surface temperature using an infrared sensor which automatically measures contact temperature and displays it along with the vibration reading for a broader understanding of machine health.

The Fluke 805 handheld vibration meter has a unique sensor tip design that minimises measurement variations caused by device angle or contact pressure.

This reduces operator error and improves the accuracy and repeatability of quick vibration screening.

The meter also provides a severity scale for both overall vibration and bearing condition readings, delivering more information than comparable vibration pens. Logged data can be easily uploaded into Excel to create trending reports.

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