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Namibia Set for Gold Rush as Twin Hills Project Poised for Takeoff

The arid plains near Karibib, Namibia, are about to witness a transformation, as Osino Resources’ Twin Hills gold project is on the cusp of creating a thousand new jobs, according to the company’s recently released sustainability report.

The report, a glowing testament to Osino’s commitment to responsible mining, goes beyond just numbers. It paints a picture of a project on the brink of a new era, poised to deliver not just economic benefits, but a social and environmental awakening.

“This progress would not have been possible without our team,” enthuses Heye Daun, Osino’s President and CEO. “Their dedication has laid a solid foundation for transitioning from exploration to real mine construction.”

Daun highlights the significant foreign direct investment (FDI) – a cool C$81 million – that Osino has attracted to Namibia thus far. This, coupled with Yintai’s impending acquisition and commitment to finance development, signals the imminent commencement of site construction.

But Twin Hills is more than just a financial windfall. Osino has prioritized local employment, with a staggering 89% of its workforce being Namibian, and a commendable 37% hailing from surrounding communities. The report also boasts a 22% female representation, a significant achievement in a traditionally male-dominated industry.

Osino’s commitment extends beyond employment numbers. They understand the importance of building strong relationships with the communities they impact. This is reflected in their focus on local procurement, with two-thirds of their spending staying within Namibia, and half of that specifically within the Erongo region.

The establishment of the Twin Hills Trust further underscores this commitment to social development. Additionally, the launch of a public grievance mechanism and the appointment of a community liaison officer demonstrate Osino’s proactive approach to fostering positive community relations.

Sustainability is a cornerstone of Osino’s vision. The company has completed a definitive feasibility study and is meticulously crafting an operational plan that prioritizes environmental responsibility. Their proactive approach is evident in their zero-tolerance policy for environmental incidents and their commitment to a diversified water strategy that minimizes impact on surrounding users.

“Specialist studies indicate that our planned water abstraction will have a negligible effect on neighboring communities,” assures the report. This collaborative effort, which involves the Department of Water Affairs, national and local governments, and NamWater, underscores Osino’s commitment to transparency and responsible resource management.

Looking ahead, Osino isn’t shying away from innovation. They’ve pledged significant capital investment in water-saving technologies, including pressure filtration and dry-stack tailings management. These measures are expected to slash water consumption by more than half compared to similar mines in Namibia.

The future of Twin Hills gleams brightly. With a focus on responsible mining practices, job creation, and community development, Osino Resources is poised to usher in a new era of prosperity for Namibia, one that prioritizes both economic growth and environmental sustainability. The harsh Namibian desert might just be on the verge of a golden bloom.

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