Wednesday , May 31 2023

Premier to further purchase in MN Holdings

MN Holdings owner and operator of Otjozondu manganese mining project in Namibia has confirmed that anticipated gross export tonnages of manganese lump ore are now up to 5 600 t a month at an average grade of about 34% manganese.

The company also said Aim-listed Premier African Minerals reaffirmed the basis for the proposed purchase of a further 7% in MN Holdings.

Premier’s proposed additional purchase is based exclusively on the independent valuation for further plant and equipment that MNH has acquired.

This proposed purchase is priced at the identical valuation used in the first purchase and does not consider any other project valuation basis or trading.

At this level of export, and based on ruling prices and terms, this equates to about 190 400 dry metric tonne unit.

MNH has further confirmed that its existing dividend policy is to distribute cash surpluses after provisions for taxes, royalties, expansions and appropriate reserves every quarter.

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