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Spotlight on knee protection

Knee guards offer protection for users working in cramped conditions, such as underground mining or where work needs to be carried out at floor level, such as tiling, wooden flooring and plumbing.

The Paramount ‘Orange’ knee guard was first developed in Germany to help protect miners’ knees in harsh mining environments and was introduced to South Africa in 1983, when Specialised Belting became the sole local manufacturer of the iconic brand.

KneeLok guards are designed to be comfortable, lightweight, strong and durable. The outer shell is injection moulded in two pieces, using crack-resistant polypropylene, which is hinged to allow free movement through a 90° angle.

The inner comfort padding cushion consists of a skinned polyurethane sponge of sufficient density to ensure that the cushioning doesn’t collapse and is soft enough to provide effective comfort when kneeling. The skinned surface of the inner cushion also prevents water absorption.

Attachment straps are manufactured from a high-quality natural rubber compound, with a tensile strength of 18 Mpa or greater. The straps are designed to be sufficiently elastic so as not to cause discomfort, yet strong enough to endure tough conditions.

KneeLok guards are used in mining operations in low slopes where operators work in cramped conditions, and the renowned South African Proto teams, who work to save trapped miners, have also used the product extensively.

A major advantage of the product is that it can be strapped on before going underground as it does not restrict normal movement such as walking or climbing and it is the design to remain in position for as long as required.

KneeLok affirms that it is committed to manufacturing the most durable and comfortable knee protection available, affording every worker the right to protection from injury or harm.

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