Wednesday , April 24 2024

Tschudi experience massive groundwater inflow rates

Weatherly’s latest update on Tschudi operations indicate that the mine’s open pit has experienced a rapid and material increase in groundwater inflow rates.

According to the company pumps and pipes inside the open pit have been relocated, on-site standby pumping equipment and pipelines have been installed, and additional pumps have been mobilised to site.

“Personnel safety was paramount during this time and at no time were people or mobile equipment assets placed at risk,” said the company.

Meanwhile water levels in the pit are currently expected to stabilise in the near term as additional pumps arrive and are progressively installed.

However, several of the main areas of the pit where ore is exposed or available for mining are currently largely submerged.

“There will be an unavoidable impact on copper production but this cannot be quantified at this time.

“The Company continues to assess how these water inflows will affect the economic life of the mine.”

Tschudi update indicates that work has been ongoing for the last six months to upgrade the infrastructure for managing water once it is pumped outside the pit, and this work is expected to be complete in the next few weeks.

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