Friday , July 12 2024

Windhoek gears up for controlled sand mining

As part of efforts to ensure that natural resources found within the boundaries of city are managed and utilized sustainably, Windhoek City fathers wants the sand mining policy to be converted in terms of the Local Authority Act provisions.

The conversion is expected to provide a coordinated and harmonized approach in controlling sand and gravel extraction in the city and making it more sustainable.

The decision comes, as rapid development in recent years has resulted in the mushrooming of illegal quarrying and river sand mining activities.

“If the authorisations to extract resources are not guided by a framework underpinned by decision-making criteria, the sustainable supply and replenishment of sand and gravel can be underachieved,” the City fathers in a monthly meeting recently.

Windhoek believes though sand and gravel mining has crosscutting implications on socio-economic development, it is being done in an uncontrolled manner and without a consistent regulatory framework.

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