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Lift truck company appoints Namibian dealer

Materials handling equipment solu- tions provider Goscor Lift Truck Company (GLTC) has signed a three-year contract with Windhoek-based equipment and machinery supplier Barex Equipment, appointing the company its new dealer in Namibia.

Namibia is home to gem-quality rough diamonds, uranium oxide, special high-grade zinc, gold bullion, blister copper and lead concentrate. Fleet management equipment can often be overlooked at mining sites, says GLTC Africa division GM Randhir Haripersad, but is required for numerous applications, such as container handling, navigation through small spaces, transportation of heavy parts and the shuttling of equipment from warehouse to site. GLTC appointed Barex Equipment in February, as it is a well-trusted equipment supplier in Namibia.

It has a branch network and subdealer network, which cover the northern and southern parts of the country, which ensure up-time of customers’ lift trucks. The equipment supplier has the necessary infrastructure to sell and support the materials handling product line from GLTC, which includes machinery firm Doosan, equipment corporation Crown, forklift suppliers Bendi and Hubtex, as well as industrial vehicle manufacturer Taylor Dunn. It also has the correct sales, service, parts and backup support for these products.

Barex Equipment MD Erich Bartsch is delighted to have been given the opportunity to distribute such a “world-class” range of pro- ducts. “These are extremely reliable products and they have an excellent reputation in Namibia. We will back this reputation up with the same quality of customer service that has made these brands famous the world over.” Barex Equipment will initially offer Doosan and Bendi forklifts, and as business develops, it will expand to include the Crown, Hubtex and Taylor Dunn product ranges. GLTC MD Darryl Shafto points out that Doosan and Bendi are well established throughout Southern Africa and were also delivered to Windhoek-based beverage manufacturing company Namibian Breweries last month.

GLTC has also received an order for five Doosan D30 forklifts from global supplier of sustainable technology and services for mining Metso Mining & Construction Technology. Doosan is famous for its ‘brakes for life’ system, an oil-cooled disc brake system, which, being totally enclosed, eliminates all outside contamination of any humid, abrasive or corrosive dust particles at most mining operations.

The system significantly reduces operating costs and includes a 60-month, unlimited hours guarantee from Doosan. In addition, the Bendi range, with its ability to work in narrow aisles, will help Namibian clients improve efficiency in their warehouse space. “With ever-increasing rentals and the need to make more use of less space, this is a distinct advantage,” says Bartsch. He adds that Barex aims to ensure that all its brands offer reduced fuel consumption and low maintenance costs amid the economic downturn and the volatile state of the mining industry.

GLTC product range aims to help increase productivity, create visibility of vehicles and their operators, improve safety and reduce operating costs on site. “It’s all about managing the lifetime costs of operation,” says Bartsch, adding that the ‘brakes for life’ system is a significant contributor to managing costs over the lifetime of a machine. GLTC cites industry challenges as the pricing of parts, owing to exchange rate fluctuation, and service scheduling to ensure that services are timeously provided for all customers. These challenges are mitigated by placing orders in advance and buying when the exchange rate is more favourable.

Barex can also enhance its productivity with its strong after-sales and parts support. The Goscor group of companies has been supplying the South African market with technologically advanced industrial equipment and solutions since 1984. The group has grown tenfold and currently employs more than 400 staff countrywide and, with skid-steer loaders, excavators and telehandler supplier Bobcat SA being a part of the Goscor group, it now has more than 800 employees. Bobcat skid-steer loaders are being used across the mining sector, including at gold, platinum, diamond, iron-ore, copper and coal operations in Southern, Central and West Africa

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