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Namcor gears up for several onshore and offshore projects

The National Petroleum Corporation (Namcor) this week signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Technip Energies, an energy consortium based in Cape Town, for technical assistance and skills transfer in anticipation of mining the recent offshore oil discoveries.

Namcor said in a statement released on Thursday that the purpose of the MOU is to facilitate, organize, and develop cooperation within various areas. “In partnership with the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME), this MoU will facilitate knowledge sharing between the parties.”

Namcor Managing Director, Immanuel Mulunga said “Our purpose is our people and allowing our Namibians to upskill and better themselves for the many opportunities the energy industry will create, is a strategic point for us. Smart partnerships are key in ensuring our success and the overall success of Namibia as we optimise our discoveries.”

The MoU is expected to strengthen capacity at both Namcor and the ministry to prepare them to participate in the execution of several onshore and offshore projects. Ultimately, Namcor wants to develop a comprehensive energy strategy for local consumption, and to effect a guided energy transition.

Technip Energies experts will be seconded to Namcor and to the ministry to train Namibians in the optimisation of the offshore discoveries. This will include principles of energy transition, ESG principles for the hydrocarbon industry, process engineering, infrastructure, and the broader development of offshore hydrocarbon fields.

Namcor said Technip Energies is a world leader in engineering and technology with a 60-year history executing some of the industry’s largest and most complex engineering and construction projects.

By: Denise Mudawarima

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