Saturday , July 13 2024

Namibian Dirt Yields Promise: Madison Metals Drills Up High-Grade Uranium

Good news for Namibia’s burgeoning uranium industry! Madison Metals Inc. has unearthed promising signs of high-grade uranium deposits at their Khan Uranium Project located in the Central Erongo Uranium province.

This comes after the company successfully completed its first drilling program, which consisted of nine holes reaching depths of nearly 1,000 meters.

The excitement stems from the fact that uranium mineralization was pinpointed in six of those nine holes. Notably, readings from rock chip samples yielded some impressive results. One sample showed a maximum value of 1.54% U3O8, indicating a significant concentration of uranium oxide.

Furthermore, the drilling program confirmed the presence of multiple mineralized zones, with one particularly noteworthy zone stretching 15 meters and averaging a reading of 0.3% U3O8. These findings validate Madison Metals’ geological predictions and suggest the presence of uranium-bearing D-type alaskites intruding deeper rock layers.

Dr. Roger Laine, a Director at Madison Metals and a seasoned geological engineer, expressed optimism about the program’s results. “We are thrilled by the initial drill program and the confirmation of uranium mineralization at depth in a significant number of holes,” he remarked.

Laine went on to highlight the potential of the discovery, stating, “This is a major advancement for our exploration efforts. The geological strata at the site appears ideally suited for high-grade uranium deposits hosted by alaskite rocks, similar to what’s been found at Namibia’s successful Rossing and Husab Mines.”

While further exploration is needed to determine the full extent and commercial viability of the find, this initial drilling program has undoubtedly boosted prospects for Madison Metals and Namibia’s uranium sector.

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