Saturday , July 13 2024

Trigon Metals Ramps Up Copper Production in Namibia

Trigon Metals, a leading Namibian copper miner, is setting ambitious targets for 2025, aiming to extract between 250,000 and 280,000 tonnes of copper ore at its Kombat Asis West underground complex. This translates to a projected copper metal yield of 5,500 to 6,100 tonnes, a significant boost for the company’s production capabilities.

Rennie Morkel, President and Chief Executive Officer of Trigon Metals, outlined the company’s strategy, emphasising “maximising underground production at Kombat Asis West” This focus on maximising production underscores Trigon’s commitment to capitalising on Namibia’s rich copper resources.

The targeted increase in production comes on the heels of Trigon’s successful commencement of open-pit mining in early 2023. The dewatering of the historic Asis West complex in August 2023 further paved the way for this production ramp-up.

With copper prices expected to remain buoyant in the foreseeable future, Trigon’s strategic production expansion positions the company to become a major player in Namibia’s copper mining sector. The company’s focus on maximizing production not only translates to increased revenue streams but also creates valuable job opportunities within the region.

This focus on responsible development, alongside environmental stewardship, is likely to be well-received by the Namibian government and local communities. As Trigon gears up for a productive 2025, all eyes will be on how the company navigates this growth trajectory while fostering sustainable mining practices.

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