Thursday , May 23 2024

STEINERT’s New E-book on Tramp Metal Removal

STEINERT has launched an e-book on tramp metal removal equipment selection. The company has a range of magnets for use in tramp metal removal applications, and the book simplifies the selection decision-making process.

“All equipment used in the recovery of minerals needs to be protected from collisions with tramp iron in order to reduce wear and downtimes and, of course, to avoid huge repair costs,” advises Kai Bartram, Head of Mining Europe, Africa, Asia at Steinert.

Sorting specialist STEINERT offers various oil and air-cooled magnets and metal detectors for this purpose.

With several thousand of its magnets in use today, for over 130 years Steinert has been a leading supplier of elements to protect against unwanted metallic components in equipment used to recover e.g. coal or gold ore.

The history of STEINERT dates back 130 years: the family-owned business was founded in 1889 in Cologne and is one of the world’s leading experts in sensor sorting and magnetic separation for waste and metal recycling as well as mining.

With 340 employees, STEINERT generates an annual turnover of approximately EUR 100 million. In addition to 50 sales partnerships and joint ventures across the globe, the company has subsidiaries in Germany, Australia, Brazil and the USA.

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