Thursday , May 23 2024

Oshikoto women enterprises leverage on micro-finance

Oshikoto has anchored hope on micro- financing to advance economic development and withstanding the headwinds of the country’s dwindling economy.

Henock Kankoshi, Oshikoto Governor’s recent State of the Region Address (SORA) highlighted that eight income generating projects in rural areas from different constituencies received a collective funding of N$528 846 facilitated through the micro finance programme.

On the other hand, funding of N$187 550 from the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development was disbursed to potential entrepreneurs, for employment creation purposes.

“The region consistently strives to enhance economic development mainly through the Constituency Development Committees’ Regional Development Coordination Committee (RDCC).

In addition, N$634 616 was funded through the Rural Employment Scheme among the constituencies, with an aim of empowering previously disadvantaged groups such as the women and marginalised communities,” said Kankoshi.

He could however, not provide the exact figures of how many jobs have been created so far.

However, Kankoshi applauded the good educational system in the region, citing adult literacy rate, which is at 91.2 per cent, as well as the grade exceptional performance that the region has been topping since 2008.

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